Man jeans trousers PIRELLI “ALJ54L42” W34

Model: ALJ54L42 W34
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  • Man jeans trousers PIRELLI 100% cotton - print on this garment is made with a special compound for tires, its irregularity was searched with a manual application to give each garment a unique effect
  • this is a product manager for Pirelli by Allegri, all the basic concepts of ergonomic features and strength were assessed with the utmost care, each piece is taken care of each and every detail.
  • functions such as warmth, waterproofness, breathability are the main goals of this project.
  • Durability is given by the quality of materials.
  • In 2002, Pirelli decided to enter the world of clothing design with the PZero project.
  • The name chosen by Pirelli to identify its own brand of clothing design, is derived directly from the tire invented in 1987 to equip the Ferrari F40 Berlinetta.
  • PZero intends to retain the leader also in industry, relying on the originality of exclusive models, crossing the seasonal trends. Years of research have enabled us to develop a unique collection of garments and accessories, available in different colors and materials. PZero is the fruit of outstanding quality series Pirelli, consistent quality in all areas.
  • the definition that the company uses to identify his belted, high-performance, is confirmed in the draft design of 'clothing.

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