Woman capri trousers MARITHE “202184” W29

Model: 202184 BLU W29
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  • Woman capri tag price 260 euro MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD 100% cotton
  • Inventors of jeans washed, Marithé Bachellerie and Francois Girbaud can be called "industrial designers" for having revolutionized the treatment techniques of denim gradually exploring other fields related to urban fashion and streetwear. Marithé and Francois Girbaud they met in Paris in the sixties.
  • François was a salesman in a boutique and casual Marithé packaged dolls heads of chiffon and jersey.
  • The two soon found an understanding, so that in 1967 invented the Stone-Washed to use the French or the faded.
  • Their belief is based on comfort, freedom, well being, the multi-functionality.
  • To them we owe the formal transformations of jeans, to the destroyed jeans, ripped thighs.

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